Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cafe Rio Pork by Chrissy Evans

3-4 lb Pork Roast
1 C salsa
1 C brown sugar
1/2 cup Coke or Rootbeer or Dr. pepper
Place this in a Crockpot on low for 8 hours or high 5 hours.
Cilantro Lime Dressing
1 pkg hidden valley ranch mix
2 Tbsp salsa verde (green salsa)
1/8 tsp tabasco
1/2 bunch cilantro (including stems)
2 medium cloves garlic
3/4 C mayo
3/4 C sour cream
juice of 1 lime

Mix ingredients in blender
add grated lime peel
Make ahead and chill several hours then thin with buttermilk.  (I've never done didn't seem to thick to me.)
Cafe Rio Rice

4 c. water
4 t. chicken bouillon
4 t. garlic, minced
1/2 bunch cilantro
1 can green chiles
3/4 t. salt
1 T. butter
1/2 onion
2 c. rice

Blend cilantro, green chiles, and onion together in food processor.  Bring water to a boil and add all ingredients, simmer covered 30 minutes

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