Thursday, October 17, 2013

Butternut squash soup by Hannah Thomas

-1 lrg butternut squash
-1-2 TB Xvir coconut oil ( should smell and taste like coconuts)
-1 sweet onion
-2 med apples , peeled, cored ,sliced( can add just one if want less sweet)
-veggie buillion to desired saltiness ( or chicken buillion or just salt)
-1/4 sucanat ( or brown sugar) or more if want sweeter or less if want
less sweet
-1 can coconut MILK (not cream of coconut, not coco water) I like Thai
Kitchen brand
water to desired consistency

Bake butternut squash (I slice in half, scoop out seeds and stringy
stuff and cook cut side down in a baking dish or deep cookie sheet
with about an inch of water in the pan. Cook in oven on 350 ( or even
400 if in hurry) until soft when poked with a fork- about 35-40 min.
You can do this part a day or so ahead. Let cool enough to not burn
yourself when scooping out the cooked flesh into your blender. I'm
sure you could buy frozen butternut squash too and cook that.

Sauté onion in coco oil for 5 min on med-med/high heat. Until half
cooked, add apples (mmmmm, smelling yummy in your house now:), now add
the sucanat/brwn sugar ( smelling even beter:-), let carmelize a bit,
maybe another 5-7 min. I like to do all of this in a big pot so my
eventual soup can al fit into that pot and less dishes.

Blend Apples and onion mixture in your blender with coco milk, some
buillion, and as much cooked squash as will fit. Pour back in still
warm pot, blend the rest of sqaush with some water, pour with rest of
soup, stir, taste, add more buillion/salt and sucanat/brwn sugar to
suit your fancy.

Serve with whole grain (or not) crusty on outside, soft in middle,
warm bread. So warming and delish for a autumn lunch or dinner!

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